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Alba has 2 New Friends…..

Sadly one Old Friend Lost to the Bridge……

A couple of years ago  a friend asked me if I would like one of her lambs…Looking at him it was fairly obvious that he was not quite right. He was  5 months of age yet  about the size they normally are at 4-5 weeks….Or the Size Albs was at that age anyway.

His head had a slight angle on the way he carried it to so its likely there is some neurological problem…

Thinking he may not be here too long I got him and bought him home. Thankfully he was already neutered…

His name was already Lambie so he kept that though I did think about changing it a few time…


He really is terribly stunted and at that time so very than you could pick him up one-handed and his weight was no more than an average cat.

Lovely Ethel agreed to look after him a bit….She was such a lovely girl but sadly she her self is the old friend now at the Bridge …. I do miss her but she has only recently crossed to it.

He has picked up a lot in the past 2 years (it was 2 years in November)  He remains small but he has got decent weight on and he is very happy even if it’s not necessarily going to be a long life.


Then in March 2015  I was asked if I would take on a blind sheep….He had been born 5 weeks earlier without any eyes….We made a small enclosure next to the sheep shed  and bought his Mum and him here. He was called Bertie so we called his Mum Gertie.



Gertie  sadly went to the Bridge in September but she was loved for the last 18 months of her life. She became really tame as well. I was worried about her loss in respect of Berts  as by then they were all interrogated into the  family and with the other 5…Ethel took him under her wing and all was well thankfully.

Berts has grown well and does cope really well.


It’s not easy to sheer him or do his feet but except for those times he is really sweet and very friendly.

Lovely Ethel only made it to 13 BUT her sister Esmerelda is still doing well 🙂

Like Bre she left a big hole and poor Bertie  had lost another who looked after him…..He is only slightly younger than Lambie so the are  friends now but he has no mother now as Ethie did stand in mum duties and none of the others are so kind….

Berts did think Albie would look after him but her motto has always been look out for number one lol…..

Alba still does her face pulling….I sometimes wonder if she knew I took this just before she got a hair cut lol…


She should have known as I had made a start on her lol…. It was hard to do them for certain this year. A lot of pain meds, some spinal injections and still only one a day till they were all done


I think Albs is regerstring her shock I did her lol She still does the most amazing faces …


I was horrified that it took me a week this time…The bones just don’t lke shearing sheep…

I love the bond thy and are still have though



Lovely Esmerelda taken just before Christmas and she WILL make it to 14!!!




Some Old, Some New……..

……Its been too long…..
My nightmare began when Sequel’s sister got stolen on the 16th November last year as you all know. Its been a very hard time and still she is in the ether….
Will come back to that though…..
You remember I was given beautiful Flower? She was meant to have another foal as part of the deal….but…..2 years running she isn’t in foal 🙂 She has had 5 and will be 11 in the spring so I am hoping she wont have to now.
I did think about breaking her in ….Got a saddle and bridle that would fit her but don’t have too much strength in my body now a days lol Pup’s theft has trashed me so much…..

I have Farley the 26 year old T/B cross now for the rest of her life…..I did managed to get the 4 ponies into rescue (oh one was so bad he really did need a rescue so fast) Their ex owner is non too well mentally and sadly she wont let Farley go to rescue so she is now permanently here. Got her some decent rugs and getting a lot of feed into her and quietly worrying about how much feed she will need over winter…..

Got 6 sheep but heartbreakingly one isn’t my beautiful Bre….I lost her to a heart problem back in August….She was special in a real way but is now with Wish again. She did seem to miss Wish so much….

She went without lingering, indeed a few months before she left us I lost her ….Hunted high and low and eventually found her in a gully …between a 7=8 foot high bank and a really well made fence actually chatting up a young 6 month old ram lol.

She was a beautiful girl and will keep her for my profile still….


She was about 12 and had the kindest face …..DSC05228



Some will always be that bit more special.

Ementrude is actually….Her and Ethel her sister (and the 2 little ones Esmarelda and Evlyn) are all doing so well lol. The two bigger ones must be 9 years now. The two little ones are 4 I think….and Alba…she is a giant and my big baby lol.


All growed up now but still a horror lol.

Seeks Pup’s sister is a spoilt brat who might benefit from going to boot camp with Albi lol. She is so like her sister so we use her for the posters as Pup won’t look like this any more…..

Pup At the same age Seeks was so like her too……So must still be really. We haven’t seen Pup since one day off 5 months old…..

31-07-14 049

She is still small but for once she can be her self…so …her is the mental not missing Sequel lol

Puhi's ....7th June 14. 054

Puhi's ....7th June 14. 024

The bones have got quite bad I guess. The OA is starting to really impact and due I think to the stress of Pup being stolen the PA will not give me any rest but thankfully the drug trial worked so well that I am still on the Tapentadol They and the Pregabs do help so much and I am a still good for 20-30 mins before I have to sit….I mean have to as well or I just flake out.

Looking for Pup has meant we got a foster dog and two pigs lol….. The pigs are huge but quite sweet …the dog…oh he is hell!! Have made some progress with him but he is still a handful and then some ……

Puhi's ....7th June 14. 083

The pigs were nearly sent to market and they had been raised as pet pigs so it would have been so hard for them…..They came here instead lolo They will never be eaten!! They did get out…..

Minnie wanted to scare the horses ….Flower decided she would stop and say hello so Minnie decided to run lol….

Escapies lol 007

Escapies lol 008

Escapies lol 010

They really are nice….but huge!!

Escapies lol 006

I have become obsessed with checking the lost and found sites so its been so nice to just spend a bit of time doing this./…I promise I will keep it up dated again and will just leave you all some more of these x

Puhi's ....7th June 14. 087

Puhi's ....7th June 14. 078

Puhi's ....7th June 14. 068

08..10..14 003

08..10..14 014

End of August 14 003

End of August 14 008

End of August 14 020

End of August 14 048

End of August 14 057

End of August 14 059

End of August 14 062

End of August 14 080

Escapies lol 036

Escapies lol 042Pu running

Food delivered by trailer…..

well…. nearly ……… lol

Had this ‘really good’ idea yesterday… would get a big bale as it works out a lot cheaper.  The horses were still here and a small bale wouldn’t last a night so….

Hitched up the trailer, which sounds easy but its hell! Big its not but its twin wheel and so heavy to lift up to get t on the tow bar.  The advantage of that is it doesn’t tip no matter how much weight you put in the back end lol maybe that’s why its was made like that.

Both my trailers are home made but both, what ever their faults, tow lovely…. So off we go, late by now of course but I turned up the field straight and it began to slide a bit…. Its an automatic so not as good on mud as a manual… we had to go back down and come up at a better angle and still it slipped…. but not enough to go sideways lol.

Sideways you loose and the number of times I have done just that…. I used to have this big 4 x 4…. LWB and was almost as good as a Landy but she wasn’t a tractor and did a massive slide right down the front fields slope and into the worst wettest bit…. The tractor got stuck trying to pull her out it was that bad but once he didn’t have the weight of the car he got out and we then used a very, very long rope lol.

The farmer got the bale, he only got haylidge, and as he loaded it on to the trailer 2 things became obvious…. A) the trailer is just not wide enough and B) the bales so heavy it was going to break it… so back to small bales till I can find someone to bring one right in as most will only drop it at the gate.  That gets muddy enough without them eating there…..

Had the jabs today and they so have helped the neck. The botox makes that muscle stop spasaming…. its the only thing that does now a days. When it locks up like that it really hurts and effects the left arm even more… it sort of effects that all the time anyway but when its locked it 5x worse.

She has upped the new tabs, hardly new any more but they are so effective and luckily the only side effects I have had has been a slight hangover feeling for a few mornings…. oh and sleeping 23 hours the first night 8-/  When I think how ill I used to be with the oxy’s and these are better pain relief and so clearly suit me 🙂

Its all a bit sore though just now …. and actually quite yellow having been plastered in iodine lol.

She hopes to avoid the bi-lats that way as I have had so many but she said she will not restrict me so much to numbers as to how many years…. I had the first lot in 1986 but those notes are long lost 😉

I shall leave you with more of the reprobates but just quickly before I forget…. the Pup has both a blog of her own so I don;t bang on about it here (Diary of a stolen springer pup on the blog roll at the side) and her own facebook page…. I have only joined for the pup though I can’t modernise that much 😉  Hey have even now got a laminater for her posters lol

Her page is

Over to these as the jabs do sting a ‘bit’ lol




Oy Where Is Our Dinner!!!!

Oy Where Is Our Dinner!!!!






Hey same chair same pup… she is really growing and look how much black flecks she is getting…. I wonder if her sister has the same now?

I know wrong blog 😉 Please publicise the Pup’s page as well as her anywhere you can though.

Right the pain in the lumber (I wont tell you why, suffice to say Alb’s doesn’t like her feet doing 😉   ) has eased enough to lie down so you all take care x

Winter is here lol

and the north wind shall blow….

You know i feel like I am being cut in half again but have done a lot of walking, though in my case that should read lurching and limping 😉 leafleting and putting  posters up for Seeks’s sister.

Its such a horrible thing to have happened and we just want her back and safe cus there are 2 really bad scenarios and both are so upsetting….. You never know there may be someone out there who bought her thinking they were rescuing her from a bad owner if she was sold on a sdtreet corner or pub…. They haven’t taken her to the vet yet though as she woild come up as stolen on her chip…..  Maybe tomorrow will bring some better news on her.

Seeks is 5.5 months old now (she was born on June 17th) and she is doing so well 🙂 Did her first real retrieve (by accident I think cus it was only the once lol) and gave it to me…. the next half dozen times she wouldn’t bring it back lol.

She is magic though lol


Still got several leads trailing behind her but she is playing ‘chase me’ less so that’s good…. I do find chase me a bit annoying. When I first got Haz it took me 3 hours to get him in the first day…… 3 hours of he bouncing and me getting more annoyed lol. He then ran trailing leads as did all but my Lilly who was was really good at coming back.  I could have killed Haz though as it was cold and wet and I couldn’t get him to come in… he has really improved from that hideous dog lol.

As colder weather has come in the bones have actually got worse but is the first time they have really been weather related so I don’t think its connected as such.  That hideous rib thing has got a hold just now the costa what ever its called lol and the back… oh its grinding and going down the front and back of my right leg….. See the pain doc on the 6th I think it is and hell do I need to.  This bone stuff doesn’t give up does it?!

The new tabs (well not so new now) really help though and they have a secondary thing that targets nerve pain in the spine as well as give pain relief so that might be why they are so good.


Little Breagh…..

DSC00401Bre to her friends went missing…. I found her 3 fields away sweet talking Linda’s ram who was about 7 -8 months old… Bre is about 11 I think… bit like like me chatting up a 14 year old lol.

What she had done though is jump down a vertical bank at least 5’6 high…. and in front was a really nice stock fence that she couldn’t get over….

There was only one way to get her out and that was lift her up the bank…. hell that hurt and she was really stressed to the point I thought it would kill her. She went fairly flat and I really did think it had till her head cleared the top of the bank… at that point she woke up majority and used us as hoof rests and got her self the rest of the way but by the time we got up she was gone and try as we might we couldn’t find her at all….

I gave up looking about 3 but thankfully at 7 she was sat outside the sheep shed none the worst for her night out lol I couldn’t say the same for sure 😉 Lifting sheep up vertical banks I do not recommend lol.

The MTX has got the hand swelling a lot better so it does sort of do something but its not enough though all I will ever get.

I have this huge great springer on the arm of the chair and her legs keep pushing at me … she wants the chair I think lol.

Alba said she is now full grown and the biggest one here. That bit doesn’t amaze me as she was big as a baby lol. She will be 2 in march… where doe the time go?! Sign of getting old eh lol.

The kittens have really caught up now. Big enough to spey actually and so much healthier looking. Stoat os the bigger of the two but Broc isn’t too far behind them. They will never e big but you know what…. after nearly loosing them and them being so ill its nice to see them looking so well 🙂

Had the first frosts now and the grass is stopping growing. Soon it will be only Flower and Farley here so with luck Flower will stop being silly and go in the shed easier lol. I have to reinforce the centre barrier as its too easy to knock it down. Mind they don;t seem to mind being in together which is odd really. Flower doesn’t share all that well normally but in the shed she said she will 😉

Time for the rouges to take a turn as typing is starting to hurt a bit


























Right I have to work out some wording on the leaflets we art going to stick through letter boxes tomorrow….. We are trying to highlight Seeks sister as someone knows what happened to her….. Dogslost are brilliant and we can just use their number so its safer than ringing her owners who are rightly very upset. I sort of hope if I use the word confidential then someone might give us a lead even if it only helps to know where to start looking.

That the big problem with a stolen pup where do you start looking but look we must and making her very hot so the ‘too hot to handle’ thing comes into play can only help as well….. Just not so sure how to do that. She has been in the paper and on the radio. Have posters up but letter boxing seems a good idea now….

There were 2 dogs stolen out a garden or kennel (not sure which) and they were being touted round pubs so its likely that’s a known route and the little pup was dragged round till she was bought… from there who knows but please let it not be the 2 really bad things and let her be safe….

Its really upset me as it so easily could have been this little girl and i know the pup and she is so sweet and trusting and wont be for long if they treat her badly. It can be undone but she never deserved this and nor do her Mum and dad.

You all take care and please keep your fingers crossed  x

There is Another week Gone by…..

and I still not sure it went lol……

I have a lot of bi latrails (i hope) and botox going in my back and neck Monday and odd to say am looking forward to them… she uses a lot of local and its wonderful to be so numb for a few hours lol.

I put young Seeks on some really top draw food and man is she growing but challenging every boundary about 50 times a day lol…. who said having a puppy is easy 😉

She has been going to pup parties at the vets and has not been too bad… though deep down I think she might be on a quest for world domination lol. They take pics and its open to the public so this is where you can find some pics of  the pup parties. There are a lot of other pics there but the parties are logged mostly each week…. Seeks is the black and white springer and yep she does have a degree of dominance……

Now they have added a Beagle…. I followed the link and found this petition… no body has to sign it but its a good one, to me, as I have issues with animals experimentation (I don’t plug them) but to use Beagles with their need for exercise and mental stimulations as much as they do to me is so wrong….. The link is u to you all but if you think that in 2013 (nearly 14) its un-fair to use the beagles in the way maybe you would like to sign it.

They need a few more signatures though deep down I suspect nothing will change. Not sure about other countries policies re the testing on Beagles but the UK should hang its head that its made it this far already…. see I do have issues lol.  They are an incredibly trusting but very active breed and such a bad choice if any would be right they are one of the ones that suffer that bit more by being caged and restricted in every way…. will shut up now and let Seeks eat the soap box 😉

Will just say that its an odd breed to have chosen but it might be thet they have no real know hereditary health issues and so many breeds do eh?

Its gone cold so have put rigs on both Flower and Farley….. I sort of hope it will help to keep both up to weight for a bit longer. The grass has got a huge second rush just now and both are going into winter well covered 🙂



Will get Flowers side of the shed finished this week after the jabs I will be much better at hammering and moving wood lol. I do abuse things a bit I guess…..

Seeks is really growing… I got some of the top dig food for her… It was fluke but its Mum and Starter but will cover a pup to 12 months. Her mum was fairly small so I sort of hope that this will help get her to her full potential lol…. what ever that is…… 😉

She is crashed out, half on my lap and half on the arm of the chair…. now she can’t do that when she is bigger….. She came to a sale today and is shattered… that makes 3 of us as Haz came as well and is upside down on the settee….. he doesn’t snore though and the pup does like hell lol.

Did I tell you Primmy is back? Its nice to see her and she is looking good, well they all are.

Remember little Phoenix….. look what she has grown into


I think being here over winter and being fed actual food is why she is so big….. shoulder high to me easy and might well be bigger than Primmy but never as nice, oh hows that for bias lol

Took a lot of pics today and well you can see there is a problem with the camera…. Its got haze or condensation on the inside of the lens and well I don;t know how to get in to it to dry and clean it…. It was raining the other day and cold and that’s when it started…… I hope you will forgive the fog in the pics though as long as its away from the sun its not too bad…..




Yep Seeks is running trailing a long lead…. she has been playing too much chase me and I hate chase me…..








and of course the full grown Alba 🙂


Someone kept on and on and on telling me today about the risk of sheep rustling…. There have been a few taken in Devon and one the Cornwall border but I so wish that they had not kept on so much as I couldn’t cope to well with these being taken and eaten….. can you imagine…. see they shouldn’t have kept on so much but they are in a shed 30′ from here and I would be woken as the dogs would go mad….. Really on edge tonight….. There us a big padlock on the gate that doesn’t lift off too easily and we are here…..

Its not going to happen is it?

Oh the gate and Haz…..

Its an automatic car (it couldn’t have happened if it had been a manual one) and I stopped at the gate to unlock and open them (its two gated that meet in the middle and have a spike going down to hold the gates there…..

Put the car in park but did leave it running…..

Haz got his collar (somehow) stuck on the gear selector….. pushed the button in with his head…… stuck it right down in low gear… it would all have been ok as the hand brake holds it quite well in gear but in his panic he got his back end onto the foot well sand stood on the accelerator…..

Did some damage… the wing and door had to have extensive knocking out and the gate ended up being ripped off its hinges as well as under the car where it hit the petrol tank and made a hole in it……

A mate of mine think there might be a contract on me and Haz is the hit man lol

See what he was like tonight … and what he then did….




She does look sweet doesn’t she 😉

You all take care and subject to Harry and his contract will see you soon x

Sorry its been a long time but…..

So much has gone wrong…. and some right ….

I got very down for a bit there… worry about Wish and my own health to a degree.. or cheesed off might be better than worry in the health case. I have had so much pain and swelling typing became hard… and then so much pc trouble (that’s still going on lol)

In march i lost my beautiful Slurpy Lilly lab… It was a tragic accident. She got out in the lane and despite being a over knee high dog on a straight bit of road….with good visibility…… the driver wasn’t looking and that was the end of Lil…. I took it hard to be honest as no matter what it was my fault she was out there but bless her she left such a hole.


In May the worst happened and Wish left us… bless her 13.5 is a good age for a sheep but oh I missed her. So did Bre

The lady Wishtiria

R.I.P to two of the best animals I have ever had the privilege to know.

The day I lost Wish (it was on my birthday actally…. not the best way to celebrate) I was  given Flower…. now I was worried about her, and have been for the last 7 years as is obvious in this in blog lol. She is now safe!!!  She is not in foal this year (though he wants one more foal from her which is fair enough I guess).

I kept her and Phoenix over winter as she needed a rug and food!  Got her a light weight turn out rug though as you can see she looked some silly lol.

DSC05331 DSC05341

It took me a long time to get him to agree to a rug, and then I had to say I had borrowed it but of course I brought it….. it didn’t look quite so shiny and new in a few weeks lol. Now I can just save up and buy her a heavier one that will keep her a lot warmer as well as dry!

That one was before I knew I was going to keep her over winter…. I couldn’t let her not grow a coat as when she went she would be out in the full force of a hideous cold, windy and wet Cornish winter….. they are so long now a days as well lol.

She has a shed to be in over night (he would never have agreed to that) and now by fluke she has a companion……

Farley is a beautiful 22-24 year old part thoroughbred (though it might be some Arab.. infact I thought she was an Anglo but the vet said not…) anyway she has a bit of blood in her. She came here as her owner needed to find her other livery and couldn’t part with her so her she is as a companion to Flower and a really nice additional shadow….

DSC00092 DSC00131Now to the health thing…..

I hate arthritis and it hates me! I have had more facet joint jabs, a ton and a half of botox in the triggers (hell i wish I could get my face in the way lol) Then a couple of months ago the pain doc put me on a trial of a new drug….. its been developed as an alternative to MST and the Oxycotin (i am sorry as any USA readers will have different names but they are both morphine based… well actually morphine one in liquid form the other in tablet.

Both make me very sick

That is why the new drug has been developed They wanted to give the same pain coverage but not have sickness as a side effect. Its a bit like Tramadol very big brother… still licensed so could be addictive (I keep heaving to remind my self to take them though lol)

The have been incredible and the drugs company… I am so pleased with them, to have pain relief and not the grinding sickness lol.

Still on the pregablin (for the USA folk that’s Lyrica) and that is such a good drug and again I am lucky and can take 600 per day with no real side effects as such… well a night with a singing tree was interesting lol.  At the time my only issue is he sang a song from a musical and I would have preferred something modern lol.

Even with the pregabs and the tapadol i have hideous pain… but.. we made the shed into 2 stables… what did I expect? Did some finishing off with bread baskets as well as wood 😉 what did I think would happen to the useless body?!

Really the one I will not have  (the Fibro) is growing teeth as well…. I been put back on the MTX and at least some of the joint swelling is going down but I feel like fill in the blanks 😉

It is rough after finishing off the stables as it was a lot of sawing and reaching up…… I am so stupid but then I long ago vowed to fight it and I really do…. I feel like some one has a knife in my spine between the shoulder blades and the left arm is so painful and doesn’t like lifting…..

Least I am better mentally….

That bit was horrid, I was just so down and had no good news or even normal just bad news and sadness….. Its better now and the fates have smiled on me and I have ended up with a baby Springer…. she is beautiful, wilful and a monster lol

The first one I asked someone to pin her down lol

Resize_P230813_14.15 Photo0081 DSC00221 DSC00246 DSC00279

And yep that is a kitten….

Have 2 now and they have been so ill. Fluids and milk every 2 hours for 6 weeks… three of those weeks they were at the vets each day for injections… the vets saved them though and they are going on ok….. They look a bit odd but they are alive and 4 weeks ago that looked very unlikely….

Hey this is the sheds transformation……

It was hard work but I had a very nice willing helper and she sis so much of it leaving the useless body to be a lot less challenged. The finishing off… well that was just me but it will do eh?

The other side now needs some finishing off. i am planing to bored it and then put in some sawdust to bring the floor to all one level and then shavings on top… I can’t get the concrete up from the bases that are there so it will have to be levelled with the shavings and then really packed out with shavings eh? Can’t have the dust and its possible the shavings will do the job…… I might try that first as sawdust really is dusty stuff.

Its not brilliant but it will get them out of the cold and rain at least.

DSC00126 DSC00121 DSC00110

Its a temporary thing and will do the job though they have the length the width is only just under 10 feet….. they fit but I wish it was wider but being broke means I can’t build one but in time they will have nice stables up near the sheep shed 🙂

Hey with bedding it looks ok on the side that’s now finished. I had to poach a few feet fopr a small feed store as it would be easier that way but as you can see Farley been in as a test it out five mins thing and she does fit… Flower will as well but i still have to make a door and finish her side…… tell that to my back, neck and arms……. lol I seriously hate arthritis!!!

Then meet Ethel, Ermentrude’s sister 🙂 She came in June (I think) and Bre was happier to have 6 again….  Ethel came from Surrey Dock farm and as last time I was amazed at how well they had laid it all out. Its got to be good that kids in a city can see cows, sheep pigs etc and even in London there is a farm lol.

DSC00013Like her sister she is so gentle and kind and very tame… she isn’t into custard creams as much as the other 5 but she is getting there lol.

Lastly…… In late February I took in a full blown collie….. bit messed up but so lovely…. I have actually called her Imbie…. and her surname is Sill…… and yes she is! lol

DSC00287 DSC00308 DSC00322He loves her

DSC00309Just remembered I am not talking to him….. He tried to kill me lol… he really did but will tell you about that next blog lol.

Bored you long enough now…

Alba said she needs to have a photo call.. man she is big now! Still Alb’s though

DSC05242 DSC05246 DSC05335 DSC05308

Alba would like to point out she didn't say they could have her hay!!

Alba would like to point out she didn’t say they could have her hay!!

Resize_P070613_15.08_[03] DSC00017 DSC05306

You all take care and stay dry if your weather is like here but if you have sun…. send it please… oh please lol x

Merry Christmas to You All

Sorry I have been unwell again. the eyes, the stomach and the bones have all been a bit tantramish but will up date properly tomorrow but just wanted to pop in and say



I hope you will all have a good day and this lot send an assortment of baaaas, woofs, meows, quacks, clucks and neighs to you all as well

Cris x




Yep now 13 and still happy to be the reindeer in training!