Arthritis, Alba and All

It really is just endless…..

Diary of a Stolen Springer Pup

Because we can’t……

She was born on the 17th June 2013 and she was stolen on the Saturday 16th November 2013. Since that day our lives have changed forever…

Gone is our innocence.  In rural areas there is a belief that your safe. In Cornwall that belief is doubled by the fact we are fairly lucky with serious crime… Its getting more common but its still not  like big cities up country.

Puppy Pup

We used to believe if we popped out somewhere the dogs would be here when we got back….We know that’s a lie now!!  Indeed part of a stolen dog is you stop going out. If you have to all the time your worried someone is breaking in and stealing another.

We now know you wont get them home if they do….

In the UK only 5% of dog thieves and even less cat thieves are prostituted.

If they…

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